The Assyrian-Suryoye Demonstration in Lausanne
July 25, 2000

(Beth Suryoyo Othuroyo (Assyrian) - Europe)

Throughout the whole day, the "Palais de Rumine" in Lausanne was kept occupied by the Assyrian-Suryoye activists. To attract the attention the demonstrators broke windows, chairs and raised their voices through the building and the area around the building. Their intention was not to harm anyone or to cause fear in the hearts of the people of the area but rather to prove that their rights as humans shall never be silenced, ignored and prohibited again.

Policemen and journalists of different media institutions rushed to the demonstrators. In the beginning the police tried to clear the building from the Assyrians-Suryoye activists, but they did not succeed in accomplishing this task. The demonstrators did not want to move until the press heard their message and their documentation is handed over to the government.

The mayor of the city ordered the police to allow the activists to give their press conference in front of the journalists and representatives of the authorities received the documentation. The occupation ended peaceful at night.

Such an action was to show that the Assyrian-Suryoyo people will not give up until they reach their goals of increasing the European awareness on the injustice committed to the Assyrian-Suryoyo people in Turkey throughout the decades.

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