News of the Holy Synod

Dear Suryoye Othuroye:

The Orthodox Church of Antioch has recently concluded its Synod meeting.  During this meeting, our Holy Synod has come up with some new developments regarding the Church. The two most important points that were discussed during this meeting are:

1.  Mor Cyril Afrem Karim, Archbishop of the East Coast of the US, has proposed that the name of the Church in the United States be changed from Syrian Orthodox Church to Syriac Orthodox Church.  He has recently shown a great deal of emphasis on using the term Syriac over the term Syrian in reference to our Church and People.  According to the Archbishop, the term Syrian does not represent our Church nor its Parishioners.  Rather, it represents the people of the country of Syria and hence carrying the Syrian Citizenship.  Mor Cyril Afrem Karim has made it clear that the members of our Church are not Arabs and in turn cannot be considered Syrians.  As for the term Syriac, then it is the name of our beloved language and since we use the term Suryoyo in reference to ourselves, then the direct translation of the name to English is Syriac.  We hope that his new decision, will benefit our Church and Community.

2. A new Archbishop has been elected to be ordained as the new Archbishop of Zahlé in Lebanon.  We would like to congratulate our new Archbishop who has yet to select a title, but we will call him by his name Mor Saliba.  We wish him a long and prosperous life that will be filled with his holy blessings to all our people.