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Syriac Universal Alliance - Assyrian Wing
Syriac Universal Alliance - Assyrian Wing


Earlier this month an attempt was made to have an Assyrian organization join the Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA).  Although on paper the constitution of the SUA states that it is open for all Syriacs, yet an official in the organization informed us that Aramean, Arab and Indian Syriacs may join, but not Syriac Assyrians.

Due to this discriminatory policy of banning Syriac Assyrian organizations to participate as active members in the SUA, a preliminary committee was established for a new Syriac Universal Alliance - Assyrian Wing (SUA - AW). 

The initial meeting was held during the Syriac Churches’ convention in Boston on Saturday 21 July 2001, where five founding delegates from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California attended.

The Assyrian Cultural Association (ACA) in Illinois and California were approved as the first SUA - AW affiliate members.  A succeeding extensive meeting for the SUA - AW delegates will be held soon to elect the president and board members of the SUA - AW.  The date will be announced and set in the near future.

The membership of affiliates is open and free to all Syriac/Assyrian organizations worldwide.  Organizations interested in becoming affiliate members of the SUA - AW, please contact the SUA - AW privately at: supplying the name of the organization, its location and the name of a contact person.

Founding committee of the SUA - AW
25 July 2001

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