Anthology of Poems

by Malfono Gabriel Afram

Anthology of Poems By Malfono Gabriel Afram

A Double CD (2 CDs) that contains an Anthology of poems by the famous poet Malfono Gabriel Afram.  A collection of 20 beautiful Assyrian poems (in the Western Dialect) and songs, masterly compiled and mixed by Nahro Beth-Kinne of Assyrian Voice Production (Qolo D’Suryoye), Brussels, Belgium.  The poems on the CD that have already been produced as songs are recited by the poet, and then followed by the original song.  Other poems are recited by the poet accompanied by background music.  Along with the 2 CDs also comes a beautiful booklet that contains the lyrics for all the poems (songs).

Producer Contact Info:

122, Rue Des 2 Eglises
1210 Bruxelles
Tel: 32(0)2 230 7189

Our website will keep a list of names and addresses of people who would like to obtain a copy of this Double CD.  Then we will ask the producer to send us the necessary amount of CDs and we will ship them to the individuals that have ordered the CD.

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