The Eagerly Awaited Swedish-Assyrian Dictionary by Gabriel Afram

Release: Sunday 13 March 16.00 pm
Assyriska Kulturhuset in SödertäljeThe Eagerly Awaited Swedish-Assyrian Dictionary by Gabriel Afram
Thousand thoughts – one dream!

That which once was thoughts transformed in to a dream and is today a fact. Our nation has during the last decades been patiently waiting for a dictionary to see the light of day.

Gabriel Afram has during the last 15 years – with a surgeons accuracy – produced a Swedish-Assyrian dictionary with more than 100,000 words and phrases. After extensive research his lifetime achievement is now finished.
With this dictionary the Assyrian language, being considered as a classical church language, has now taken a huge step in to the 21st century and comprises modern terminology. This we wish to celebrate together.

We therefore want to invite You to this historical moment when professor Gabriel Afram Swedish-Assyrian dictionary will be presented.

                                  Date: Sunday 13 of March 2005
                                  Time: 16.00-20.00
                                  Location: Assyriska Kulturhuset in Södertälje
                                  Contact: Hikmet Ego 0734-38 64 73

Free Entry! Coffee and snacks will be offered.

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