Dear Suryoye:

Every ten years the Census Bureau in the United States conducts a census of the entire US population. Based on the numbers of each group of people, the US Census Bureau will distribute a certain amount of money in funds. These funds are to be used to teach our language, history and culture. This current year of 2000 happened to be one of the years in which the Census occurs. We urge every Suryoyo residing in the US, to please not leave his/her census 2000 papers blank, and to enter his race as one of the following three names: Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean. We would like you all to remember that we are all one people and the more we stick together, the stronger we get. Anyone of our people that registers under one of these three beautiful names, will be tallied together with our brethren from the other communities under one category. So please make the future of our coming generations a bright one by registering under one of our names.

Please read the messages in regards to this issue, by the Bishops of our Syriac Orthodox Church. Also, read the explanations of how to fill out the Census forms by the Syriac for Census 2000 committee.

Syriac Orthodox Church Census 2000 Explanation in English

Syriac Orthodox Church Census 2000 Explanation in Syriac

Explanation of the Census Forms
by the Syriacs for Census 2000 committee