Poems Written by Members of the Reform Committee of California

The reform committee of the West Coast of the United States, has written poems in Arabic about the Patriarch, the Bishop and the current situation of the Church.  To read the poems click on the link below:

Poems About the Current Situation

Open Letter by the Monk Abjar Bahko
رسالة مفتوحة من الراهب أبجر بحكو الى المطران قبلان

The Money Scandal in the Syriac Orthodox Church
الفضيحة المالية في الكنيسة السريانية الارثوذكسية

Pictures from the Demonstration of the Members of the Church in Burbank صور من تظاهرة أعضاء الكنيسة في بربانك
November 2, 2003

More Demonstration Photos

The Documents Accompanying the Letter to the Germany Police

Letter Distributed by the Parishioners

The Petition Raised by the Members of the Congregation

The Letter to the Patriarch

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