The Leaflet Handed Out by Members of the Congregation of California on Sunday June 8

On Sunday June 8, 2003, at the Syriac Orthodox Church in Burbank California, when people arrived for the Sunday Mass, they were intimidated by the security standing all over the church. They were at the Church’s front door, back door, back yard, and the LAPD stood at the entrance of the Bishop’s residence. As described by some of the members of the congregation: “The church looked like a nightclub with bouncers all over the place!”

As Archbishop Clemis Eugene Kaplan began to give his sermon, the congregation walked out of the church and gathered in the back yard, they recited a church hymn then they chatted for a while and went home. Many have claimed that “He [Archbishop Kaplan] is intimidating the congregation by using security at the Church’s gates, turning the church environment into that of a nightclub with bouncers at the doors! He is turning the Syriac Church into a police church, similar to the way Saddam turned Iraq into a police state!”

We have received the 3-page leaflet that was being handed out by the members of the congregation in the Church and we are posting it for everyone to see. We have also taken pictures of the security and LAPD officers and the walkout organized by the members of the congregation.

Page 1 of the Leaflet

Page 2 of the Leaflet

Page 3 of the Leaflet

Pictures from the Church in Burbank

Poem About the Current Situation of the Church

The Money Scandal in the Syriac Orthodox Church

The Letter to the Patriarch

The Petition Raised by the Members of the Congregation

The Fax Allegedly sent by the Archbishop

Letter Sent by Dr. Elias Malke Hanna to H.H. Mor Zakka I Iwas

The Public Record Property Deed of Archbishop Eugene Kaplan

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