Pictures from the Church in Burbank on Sunday June 8

Our website has taken the following pictures of the Church in Burbank on June 8, 2003, which depict the situation in the Church. As you could see, the LAPD officers are standing on the doors of Archbishop Clemis Eugene Kaplan residence entrance, and also the security guards are standing at the front and rear doors and back yard of the Church. This disgraceful scene has rendered the Congregation members to feel insulted and thus organized a Walkout, for which we have included a picture as well.

LA Police Officer at Bishop's Residence Entrance

Security Guards at the Front Door of the Church

Security Guards at the Back Door of the Church

Security Guards at the Back Yard of the Church

Walkout of Congregation

The Situation of the Church in Burbank as of June 8, 2003

Poem About the Current Situation of the Church

The Money Scandal in the Syriac Orthodox Church

The Letter to the Patriarch

The Petition Raised by the Members of the Congregation

The Fax Allegedly sent by the Archbishop

Letter Sent by Dr. Elias Malke Hanna to H.H. Mor Zakka I Iwas

The Public Record Property Deed of Archbishop Eugene Kaplan

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