The Money Scandal in the Syriac Orthodox Church

We have received the following letter, which includes a fax that was allegedly sent by Archbishop Kaplan to a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church Community in California, requesting a sum of money.  In addition to the fax, there is also a letter by the party involved requesting the return of his money.  For legal reasons, we are not going to be commenting on this letter and therefore we are publishing it as we had received it with the removal of the claimer’s name, signatures and bank account numbers.

The Fax Allegedly sent by the Archbishop

The Letter by the Claimer (in picture format)
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The Letter by the Claimer (in picture format)
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The Petition Raised by the Members of the Congregation

Letter Sent by Dr. Elias Malke Hanna to H.H. Mor Zakka I Iwas

The Public Record Property Deed of Archbishop Eugene Kaplan

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