New Book

New Book

New Book by Hirmis Aboona - The Massacres of Bedr Khan Beg 1843-1846

Title:           The Massacres of Bedr Khan Beg
                       1843-1846 (It is VOL. VI in the author’s book series of
                   “The Assyrians after the fall of Nineweh”)

Author:      Mr. Hirmis Aboona

Language:   Arabic

Price:          $20.00 (Twenty US Dollars)

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Information about the contents of the book:

1 - The political conditions in the region on the eve of the massacres.

2 - The Ottoman Turks in their attempts to impose their authority all over the regions of Mesopotamia and Assyria, which contained many autonomous and independent centers belonging to various ethnic and religious groups amongst which were the Independent Assyrians/Suryan of Tur Abdin and the Assyrian tribes of Tiyari and Hakkari.

3 - How the western power did indeed assist the Ottoman Turks in their task of subduing all of the above-mentioned centers.

4 - As far as the Christians were concerned, the missionaries did play an active role in subduing the above-mentioned Christian centers.

5 - The Ottomans after a long series of wars and destruction during (1831 – 1843), by which they succeeded in establishing their authority over many autonomous centers. Those centers of Tur Abdin were subdued by the former Al Sadr Al Ahdam - Prime Minister - Mohammed Rashid Pasha in 1835 - 1839.   It was the Assyrian tribes of Tiyari and Hakkari, which forced the Turks and their local and European supporters to mobilize all their resources in their campaign to subdue those, who were labeled as "Gawar - Infidels".

6 - The Kurds who failed until this period to expand over the Assyrian tribes’ territories to weld their geographical distribution in the region. At that time, the country of Hakkari was representing the heart of the their distribution in Turkey and Iran. Therefore, it was the strategic interest on the part of the Kurds to take advantage of the Ottoman campaign to restore their authority all over the Asiatic regions. Hence, the Kurds played an important role in the mentioned plan and contributed to the success of the Ottoman Turks in destroying many independent centers belonging to various ethnic and religious groups whom the Ottoman determined to bring under their sway and direct control. Thus, all Kurds of Turkey and Iran formed an unprecedented alliance under the leadership of Bedr Khan Beg to attack and massacre the Assyrian tribes. This development took place with full support of the Ottoman Turkish authorities. Upon this background, the Kurds initiated in July 1843 their general attack on the Assyrians of Tiyari and Hakkari.

7 - According to the various contemporary accounts and official documents, a large number of the Assyrian tribes were killed, while the women and young children were taken captives and were sold as slaves in the Ottoman Pashalics (Villayets) as far as Aleppo.

8 - According to the British Diplomats in the region, all of the possessions of the Assyrian tribes were looted and taken away.

9 - The country of the Independent Tribes (Larger in area than the modern day state of Lebanon) was laid waste and the ancient Churches and Monasteries were leveled to the ground as it was the fate of the Swiss style villages along the Zab River, according to the reports of the western travelers.

These are brief references about the contents of the book VOL. VI.  While VOL. VII will deal with the persecution of the Assyrians, Suryoye and Chaldeans during the 19th Century as the British Foreign Office documented it.

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