In Memory of Malfono Naoum Fayiq
The Master of the National Unity

The Nation that does not Commemorate
its Intellectuals does not Deserve to Exist

A new book, in Arabic, has just been published to commemorate Malfono Naoum Fayiq's significant contributions to the concept of Assyrian National Unity. The work is authored by Aprim Shapera, who is a prolific writer and frequent lecturer on subjects relating to the Assyrian National Identity.

The book's appearance is enhanced by an attractive cover portrait prepared by the renowned Assyrian artist Hanna Al-Hayik. The book also contains an analysis in Swedish, which was written by Mr. Denho Özmen who is an Assyrian activist and writer in Huyodo Magazine. This review, which analyzes the situation of our people today, is based on a lecture that was given two years ago by Mr. Özmen commemorating Malfono Naoum Fayiq in the Assyrian Cultural Center in Södertälje. Following the introduction by Shamoun Danho of Sargon Publishing House, the book consists of three distinct Parts, as follows:

Part I: Naoum Fayiq as Assyrian Martyr:
         * A Question
         * Concept of the Assyrian Martyr
         * Naoum Fayiq: Struggle and Sacrifice
         * Evidence of the Master's Sacrifices
         * An Answer

Part II:  Church and the Nation in Naoum Fayiq's Thought
         * Preface
         * Understanding Naoum Fayiq's Thought
         * Fundamental Principles
         * Resources of Naoum Fayiq's Thought
                  o Religious Resources
                  o Nationalistic Resources

         * Means of Achieving Naoum Fayiq's Goals
                  o Journalism
                  o Writing & Publishing
                  o Teaching & Oratory

         * Applications of Naoum Fayiq's Ideas
                  o On the Religious & Denominational Level
                  o On the National & Political Level

         * Conclusion

Part III:  National Unity Between Naoum Fayiq and Fared Nuzha and its                Contemporary Applications:

         * Preface
         * Naoum Fayiq and the National Unity
         * If We Want Progress, Let Us Unite: by Naoum Fayiq
         * Fared Nuzha by Fared Nuzha
         * The Meaning of the "Syriac Aramaic Assyrian Chaldean" Nation
         * The Stand from the Multiple Names: between Yesterday and Today
         * A Comparative Review of the Master and the Student
         * Their Stand Regarding the Church and Clergymen

         * Conclusion: The Immortality of the Master

This book is not a biography despite the rareness of such books among Assyrians.  It is a book that is based on analysis and comparisons of the thoughts of the leader and his nationalistic, cultural and religious activism with another Assyrian nationalistic intellectual, Farid Nuzha. Then the author compares this with some of the modern interpretations.

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