The Assyrian Democratic Organization's Statement Regarding the Assyrian Martyr's Day

Translated by a visitor to Beth Suryoyo Assyrian
using the alias of

Our people and comrades,

Every year on the occasion of August 7th, we stand in ovation to honor the memory of those heroes who spilled their pure blood to quench the thirsty soil, and in its place new seeds of hope grew to embrace those glowing images which are engraved in the memory of our nation and people to remember the heroism and sacrifices and to hold a promise to go ahead in the path of strife in order to accomplish our people's aspirations in living with dignity and honor in Beth-Nahrain the land of our fathers and forefathers.

As we commemorate this day it shortens the distance of ages and recalls the suffering and pain which were endured by our people because of conspiracies, and genocides which befell us over more than a generation, since the middle of the 19th century, to Sifer Barlik, Tur Abdin, Simel...Mar Shimon Benyamin...and it followed to find its equals during our times in the village of Hassana and others. It's seen also when people like the martyr Francis Shabo and his comrades' lives were taken away because they refused to give up on defending that which was right, all these are a proof at the attempts to uproot and force our people to leave Beth-Nahrain its historic and national land, it's also a proof that the forces of oppression and treachery are one and the same throughout history.

Out of this suffering came the first seed of the Assyrian Democratic Organization to carry the burden of strife and fall under a load of inherited illnesses, but it opposed the problem of denominations amongst our people and stood against immigration, emphasizing the unity of our people and encouraging the promotion of our language and culture.

It also assured that national strife goes hand in hand so it defended the different causes public and those of the homeland, and it built bridges of confidence with all other national parties insuring that a homeland is for all its inhabitants as long as they all live in an atmosphere of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence under the auspices of law and a constitution which preserves and protects everyone's rights.

On this occasion, the Assyrian Democratic Organization calls upon the multitudes of the Assyrian people everywhere, and all organizations to hold as an example the values for which those heroes gave their lives, and to do a self evaluation rejecting disputes and narrow group interests, taking the opportunity to collaborate and stand together in order to strengthen our people's existence and freedom.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization takes it upon itself to continue the path of struggle as it extends its assistance to everyone to work together towards a common national action which would strengthen our people's cause and obtain our national rights to live equally and brotherly with all the peoples who are in the homeland.

A salutation of glory and greatness to all martyrs of freedom in the world and a salutation of pride and recognition to our honorable martyrs.

August 2000 A.D.
August 6750 Assyrian
Assyrian Democratic Organization
Political Bureau

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