The Assyrian Democratic Organization Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Sweden


The Assyrian Democratic Organization is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in Sweden. The celebration is spanning 3 days of events hosted by the Assyrian Cultural Club in Södertälje, Sweden beginning August 31, 2007 and ending September 2, 2007.

  By Beth Suryoyo Assyrian

Pictures from the Events of the Second Day

Day 2:

The second day of the events contained lectures, seminars, poetry and ended with a party at night.

At 12:00 PM, Mr. Abboud Zeitoune of Germany presented his new book, “Music Pearls of Beth-Nahrin”. In this book, Mr. Zeitoune created a great resource for all Assyrians to know what musical publications have been created throughout the past and current century. Mr. Zeitoune has a great collection of Musical CDs, tapes and records, which has digitized. In “Music Pearls of Beth-Nahrin,” a person can find out what singer has recorded of albums, and the name of every song that is on the CD in addition to the names of the lyricist and composer. The collection in the book is listed by Singer Name and in alphabetical order, and also contains a picture of each CD cover. Mr. Zeitoune also has sections in the book about the Assyrian Musicians and Assyrian Poets which he talks about and gives a description of each person.

The second lecture was that of Professor Josef Yacoub which he talked about “The Question of Indigenous Peoples: Assyrian Case”. Prof. Yacoub’s lecture was well attended and had a great deal of participation by the audience through the questions and answers. The lecturer intrigued the audience and his topic allowed everybody to think about the future of Assyrians in the homeland as an indigenous people. Mr. Bachir Saadi, the chairman of the ADO Political Bureau, invited Prof. Yacoub to the homeland in Syria and lecture and discuss these matters with our people in the homeland. Prof. Yacoub’s lecture was in English and was also translated into Assyrian by the lecture moderator, Mr. Ilhan DeBasso.

Then came a poetry event which had four poets, two male poets and two females. The two male poets recited poems in the Western dialect while the two female poets recited poems in the Eastern dialect. The poets were:
Arbilina who recited two poems in the Eastern dialect.
Yousif Afram Touma who recited two poems in the Western dialect, where one of them was about the ADO (Mtakasto) and the other about Agha Petros.
Ramsina read a poem by her father Shamasha Penkhis about the 50th anniversary of the ADO, in the Eastern dialect.
Sleiman Galle who recited a nice poem in the Western dialect about the Male Leaders who control the leading positions and will not give it up and how it is our hope to have Females take a leading role.

The poets were then honored by Rahel Hadodo (President of the Assyrian Federation of Sweden)

Following the poetry event, there was a lecture by Dr. Gabriele Yonan of Germany, which talked about “The Activities of the ADO in Europe and Seyfo Issue”. Dr. Yonan’s lecture in English was well attended and gave the audience a beautiful history of the ADO and its activities in Europe which included youth camps, theatre, cultural events, lectures, seminars, magazines, newspapers, language courses…etc. Dr. Yonan mainly focused on the role of the ADO in working on the Assyrian Genocide (Seyfo) issue. The lecture was also translated into Assyrian by the lecture moderator, Mr. Ilhan DeBasso.

At 9:00 PM, a party was thrown and attended by over 700 people where the singers were Habib Mousa, Babylonia, and Ninorta

The party was extremely well organized and the attendees enjoyed and had a great time. The audience was given a great surprise, which was a sketch play by the Assyrian actor and artist Malfono George Farag. Malfono George Farag’s satirical comedic style is amazing where he uses it to criticize and shed a light on the current situation of our people. He made everyone laugh and enjoy the night.

The celebration lasted until 4:00 AM and at the end of the party, this beautiful night ended. See you all in Day 3 of the activities.


Pictures from the Events of the Second Day

Pictures from the Events of the First Day

Pictures from the Events of the Third Day

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