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Family & Friends Assyrian (Suryoyo) Cards for the Assyrian New Year 675

To send a card for the Assyrian New Year just follow the instructions at each step along the way. After you have completed the card, you will be shown a preview. If you do not like your card selection, you may edit it and then send it. The recipient will receive an e-mail advising where to find the card.


STEP #1: Pick a Picture
Please select a picture from the list below using the little Radio Button selector Radio Button to the right of the Picture. You may only pick one picture per card. If you want to see a full size image of a picture, just click on it.

Happy Assyrian New Year 6752

Happy Assyrian New Year 6752

Reesh Shato Othuraito Brikhto, from Beth Suryoyo Assyrian.

An Assyrian Angel

An Assyrian Angel

Assyrian Angel, artwork by Hanna Hajjar.

An Assyrian Flower

Habobé Othuroyo

Assyrian Flowers, from Beth Suryoyo Assyrian.

An Assyrian Flower

Habobo Othuroyo

Assyrian Flower, artwork by Hanna Hajjar.

The Tree of Life

Ilono D'Hayo

The Tree of Life, artwork by Hanna Hajjar.

Happy Akitu

Happy Akitu 6752

Happy Akitu 6752, from Beth Suryoyo Assyrian.

King Sargon

Malko Sargon

King Sargon, artwork by Hanna Hajjar.



Assyrians celebrating the beginning of the New Year “Akitu Festival” ushered by the Sun crossing the equinox (from the southern to the northern hemisphere) initiating Spring, (picture courtesy of Plain Truth About Easter Magazine).



Shato Hathto (Hedtho), artwork by ADO.

STEP #2: Name & E-Mail Information
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STEP #3: Select Your Card's Text & Background Colors
Using the menus below, please select your text and background colors. If you want your recipient to be able to read the card, please select two different colors.

STEP #4: Enter Your Title & Message
In the box below, please enter your message. For those who know HTML, please feel free to use HTML tags to express yourself.
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STEP #5: Sign Your Card
Please fill in below, how you would like to sign your card. Examples would be:
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STEP #6: Pick a Song!
Please make a selection or skip this step for no music.

STEP #7: Proceed To Preview Or Start Over
You are now ready to preview your card! To do so, just click on the PREVIEW button below. If you want to clear the form and start all over, select START-OVER. Your card will not be sent until you press the SEND-CARD button on the preview screen.