Ninib A. Lahdo’s
New CD “6750 Years”

By Mr. Joseph Malke Khouri, Assyrian Composer
This review also appears in the booklet of the CD

As is known, our Syriac musical folklore has been an important source for many nations of the ancient world, both Eastern and Western. Therefore, ours has had a great impact on the culture of those nations. All this is a proof of our scale music being rich, flexible and common at the same time. Naturally, having undergone the same influence, the music of each nation today has its specific, unique and independent musical mentality as each of them has been developing and improving in the course of time.

The initiative of Ninib A. Lahdo – 6750-2000 years – is a testimony of all this where Mousa Elias, talented composer and ud-player, has managed to create new melodies, maintaining the principles of the Syriac national music. The new musical language where for the first time a big orchestra is being used to perform Syriac music using forms of classical orchestration (harmonic and polyphonic) in the music where we usually meet ¼ notes (non-temperated). Surely, this is due to cooperation with the Armenian composer and singer Arsen Grigorian.

This is a new quality in the history of our Syriac song for which we must be thankful to everybody. I believe, the performance of Ninib A. Lahdo with his beautiful and traditional voice will be a new word among his yearlong, wonderful work and I hope it will be highly appreciated by our nation.

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Ninib A. Lahdo’s New CD “6750 Years”

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