Habib Mousa’s Urhoy CD Review

By George Stifo
This review also appeared in the Music Corner
of the Assyrian Star magazine’s Volume LIII, Number 4

After a long wait, finally, the Assyrian singer, Habib Mousa, has released his latest CD, Urhoy (Edessa). For the past forty years, Habib Mousa has been singing, composing and performing our traditional Assyrian music. With his powerful but mellow voice, he has captured the love and admiration of the Assyrian public. His latest CD continues the musical path we expect of him except that it is probably one of his best works, if not the best to date.

Urhoy contains ten titles, all composed by Dr. Abrohom Lahdo and Habib Mousa, two of our best living composers, who between them have produced a prodigious number of popular songs. To these songs they have given eastern melodies and based on our most pleasant and soothing Church hymns. Those familiar with Eastern Church music will recognize these tunes and those who are not familiar are in for a surprisingly pleasurable experience.

The lyricists for the titles, Said Lahdo, Dr. Abrohom Lahdo, Fr. Sabri Shahin and Aziz D’Be Amno, are some of our best songwriters in the Western Assyrian dialect. In addition to Habib Mousa, Urhoy also features two female singers, Babylonia and Linda Hadiko who accompany the lead singer on a few cuts. The Mor Afrem Choir of Wiesbaden, Germany provides the background vocals as well as the wonderful orchestra who has become well known for its use of various eastern instruments. As is becoming increasingly the accepted practice with our CDs, this one comes with a helpful booklet that contains the lyrics for all the songs.

With such a great combination of beautiful singing voices, excellent musical composition, lovely lyrics, wonderful background vocals, helpful cover/booklet and professional eastern instrumentation, how could one not expect this CD to be as terrific as it is?

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