Assyrians Injured in the Past Two Days by the Group of Rioting Separatist Kurds


        We have received the news that two of our Assyrian people have been injured in an attack on their homes in Qamishly by some of the separatist Kurds. We were informed that one of them was hit in his head while the otherís injuries are still unknown. We also have not been informed of the names of the two individuals, but they are in good health now.

        Also, Lieutenant Colonel Maher Al-Assad, the brother of the Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, along with the Minister of Interior Affairs have arrived to Qamishly hoping to calm the situation down in Jazireh and stop all the people who are conducting these destructive acts of vandalism in the region. These days, parts of the Syrian army are being deployed to protect the Syrian-Iraqi borders fearing that terrorist Kurds would cross the border into the region from North Iraq.

        While the city of Malikieh (Derik), the separatist vandalizing Kurds have burned most of the government building including the municipal center, agricultural center, hospitals, schools and the electric plant. In addition to that, they have attacked the town register and burned all the documents and identification papers, especially since these separatists are not Syrian citizens and they believe that with these actions they could hide the facts. They also burned kindergartens as well as school and kindergarten busses. During an attempt to attack the Mort Shmouni Syriac/Assyrian Orthodox Church, the separatists were surprised with the armed Assyrian youth who have taken the duty of protecting themselves and the Holy Sites.

        In Qamishly, a large number of Arab Tribesí members began to arm themselves to face the Kurdish separatists. A combined group comprised of members of the Assyrian Democratic Organizations and officials of the Syriac/Assyrian Orthodox Church has met with Syrian Government Representatives to explain their stand of the current destructive actions and have informed them that Assyrians and Christians in general have nothing to do with these incidents, and that they do not take the side of any of the groups. They also asked the government to rush in stopping these destructive acts and protect the unarmed civilians. A group of members of the Assyrian Democratic Organization met with the Syrian Kurdish Parties hoping to mediate between the sides to stop the series of destructive actions explaining to the Kurdish Parties that these destructive acts of vandalism hurts the reputation and the goals of Kurds and does not fit into the concept of national unity that all the Parties and Groups of Syria are seeking.

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