The Separatist (Terrorist) Kurdish Groups Attack Ezla Tours Office in Hassake


        After the entrance of the Syrian Army into the city of Qamishly, the city is very calm and there have not been any sounds of gunfire from any side and especially from the separatist (terrorist) Kurdish groups. Schools remain to be closed due to fears that students might be attacked by the Kurdish groups, and the shops as well as the industrial center are also closed after the series of attacks on shops on Friday and Saturday.

        To protect civilians, the Police force has declared a curfew on the city, in addition to forcing the citizens to carry their identification cards, and now entering the city of Qamishly requires a Syrian identification card.

        We were informed that the Kurds have attacked the office of the Assyrian bus company Ezla Tours in the bus center in Hassake.

        Meanwhile, the Turkish government has assisted the Syrian government by stopping a group of terrorist Kurds who were trying to burn the stored grain supplies in the city of Derbasieh, which is on the Turkish border. Now, the Syrian Armed Forces have begun to move towards the other cities in the Governorate to combat the separatists. Many believe that these separatist actions by the Kurds in the region such as burning the Syrian National Flag, raising separatist slogans, and chanting the name of Ariel Sharon clarifies the agenda of these groups with their demonstrations.

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