New CD by Violet Sargizi

Violet Sargizi

A New CD has come out for our singer Violet Sargizi, where she sings in both dialects (Eastern and Western). The Album was produced by Bahro Production 2000. The CD, which contains 7 beautiful tracks, is titled Huyodo D'Umthan (Khuyada D'Umthan), which means "The Unity of Our Nation."

The lyrics for the songs were written by Mr. Shabo Bozan,
Dr. Sargon Toma and Mr. Anibal Hormozi.
The music is composed by
Mr. Mousa Elias
and conducted by
Mr. Sayid Nahid.

You can listen to excerpts from the tracks of the CD:
1- Mshoukhta D'Khuyada
2- 'Aman Hwi
3- Gamyiye D'Khouba
4- At Eewat Prishta M'Kulleh
5- Gayso
6- Awyoutho
7- Khuyada D'Umthan

The price of the CD is $15.00 (Shipping & Handling Included in the USA).
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD,
please contact

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